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Theben tariff switching technology

Solutions for time-dependent tariff control

If it is a matter for you as a local authority or energy provider to control different tariffs depending on time or to easily and efficiently replace expensive ripple control devices then digital weekly and yearly tariff time switches come into play.

They are easy to install, can be individually set, start and end programs at the exact required time. Even movable bank holidays are taken into account with Theben tariff time switches. Our expertise is also demonstrated by the very high accuracy of the devices. Twice as much as demanded by the standard! Maximum deviation is 0.25 secs/day. That is the equivalent of approx. 15 minutes in 10 years without additional radio antennas or additional expensive accessories.

Thanks to Theben OBELISK top2 software it is easy to create programs on a PC and transfer them to the tariff time switch via a memory card. The user interface of the OBELISK top2 software is completely the same for tariff time switches, time switches and twilight switches. This enables you to benefit from the easy, efficient and intuitive operation of all devices without having to work your way through new user interfaces. Up to 100 different programs for the widest range of applications can be stored on an Obelisk storage component. And every device has an extended main memory where up to five tariff models with different configurations can be stored.

Theben tariff switching devices are the only tariff time switches currently on the market, which have been developed and tested in accordance with the current/new tariff time switch standard DIN EN 62054-21.

Theben tariff time switches:


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