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In three steps to successful rollout
Soluvia Metering relies on CONEXA 3.0

CONEXA 3.0 was selected by Soluvia Metering for a threestage field test. In a first step, ten basic meters and gateways each were installed, to test the system operation. In the second stage from 2015, the entire ordering, certification, delivery, and start-up process is to be tested. The third stage will start in spring 2016 and includes the expansion of the existing systems with meters for gas, water and heat, as well as the installation of EEG switching devices.

  • Start in spring 2015
  • 120 Smart Meter Gateways CONEXA 3.0
  • Ordering, certification, delivery, and start-up process
  • Test of iMsys via 3 laboratory and field stages
Smart Meter Gateway CONEXA 3.0

Beyond the basic functions required by TR and FNN, the CONEXA 3.0 offers further options for business models. The objective of Theben is to easily link new functions for the efficient and user oriented application within the buildings.

Performance characteristics:
  • Developed in accordance with the requirements of the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security)
    (PP, TR-03109), PTB-A 50.8 and FNN specifications
  • Can be updated for certified functions for mains and energy distribution
  • In the future also suited for CLS components (Controllable Local Systems) and Smart Grids
  • Transfer from meter to CONEXA via wM-Bus (OMS with AFL4.0, Mode 7) and serial via RS485
  • Transfer of data to the administrator via XML (COSEM/https-Webservices) standard via Ethernet,
    Powerline via Ethernet, mobile radio, MMTS, GPRS, or in the course of 2016, also for LTE
  • Integrated standard interfaces for WAN, LMN, HAN, and CLS
  • Multi-client capability for apartment buildings
  • Multi utility for applications in the field of electricity, gas, water, heat
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