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Exemplary Smart-Metering project in Sömmerda
Unexpected challenges in intense cooperation mastered

The Sömmerdaer Energieversorgung GmbH completely convert their grids in two stages into a Smart Grid with almost 100 iMsys. During the process, the load meters of the RLM customers will be gradually integrated into the smart system environment. Topics, such as grid quality monitoring, grid control, as well as integration of gas and district heating meters will also be part of the project in the coming year.

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  • Start beginning of 2014
  • 19 transformer stations with about 250 Smart Meters and 30 Gateways
  • Since June 2015 complete conversion of the system landscape
  • Final expansion stage with 105 transformer stations
Smart Meter Gateway CONEXA 3.0

Beyond the basic functions required by TR and FNN, the CONEXA 3.0 offers further options for business models. The objective of Theben is to easily link new functions for the efficient and user oriented application within the buildings.

Performance characteristics:
  • Developed in accordance with the requirements of the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security)
    (PP, TR-03109), PTB-A 50.8 and FNN specifications
  • Can be updated for certified functions for mains and energy distribution
  • In the future also suited for CLS components (Controllable Local Systems) and Smart Grids
  • Transfer from meter to CONEXA via wM-Bus (OMS with AFL4.0, Mode 7) and serial via RS485
  • Transfer of data to the administrator via XML (COSEM/https-Webservices) standard via Ethernet,
    Powerline via Ethernet, mobile radio, MMTS, GPRS, or in the course of 2016, also for LTE
  • Integrated standard interfaces for WAN, LMN, HAN, and CLS
  • Multi-client capability for apartment buildings
  • Multi utility for applications in the field of electricity, gas, water, heat
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