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Bahnstadt Heidelberg
Trianel installed CONEXA in Bahnstadt Heidelberg
for more than 12,000 people in passive houses

In 2012, CONEXA was selected by the municipal utilities in Heidelberg and the municipal utility network Trianel as the Smart Meter Gateway for the district of Bahnstadt in Heidelberg. There, CONEXA is used in residential and business premises to the passive house standard by around 12,000 people.

Laptop Screen
  • Implementation under the leadership of Trianel
  • Installed so far, approx. 1,600 meters and 200 gateways
  • Powerline communication inside the buildings
  • Multi client operation
  • Gateway for BackFlash meter ratio 10:1
  • Today, standardised installation of the measuring systems
Measuring system as an extension for EasyMeter electricity meter
  • Can be retrofitted on EasyMeter electricity meter / base meter thanks to voltage supply via jumper
  • Simple plug-in assembly without additional space requirement in the meter cupboard
  • Lead-sealable housing: 178 x 298 x 89 mm
  • National type authorization PTB-A 50.7
Main Features
  • Support of standard protocols: SML, M-Bus (OMS), WM-Bus (OMS), VDEW 2.1, IEC 1107
  • Integrated Display Displayamong others for consumption data and tariff information
  • Software applications for Smart Home, Smart Metering and Smart Grid realizable
  • Transmission of measured values from the meter to CONEXA audib M-Bus, M-Bus, serially RS232 / RS48
  • Transmission of data to the administrator through XML (SOAP) standard via Ethernet, UMTS or GPRS
  • Expandable via standard interfaces (2x USB, Micro SD card, RJ45, RJ10)
  • Software updates through remote access, for future functions in the network and power distribution, as well as adapting to technical future interfaces and protocols
  • Degree of protection IP 51, protection class II
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