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E-world 2016 Impressions 1
E-world 2016 Impressions 1
E-world 2016 impressions 1
E-world 2016 Impressions 2
E-world 2016 impressions 2
E-world 2016 Impressions 3
E-world 2016 impressions 3
E-world 2016 Impressions 4
E-world 2016 impressions 4
E-world 2016 Impressions 5
E-world 2016 impressions 5
E-world 2016 Impressions 6
E-world 2016 impressions 6
E-world 2016 Impressions 7
E-world 2016 impressions 7
E-world 2016 Impressions 8
E-world 2016 impressions 8
E-world 2016 Impressions 1E-world 2016 Impressions 2E-world 2016 Impressions 3E-world 2016 Impressions 4E-world 2016 Impressions 5E-world 2016 Impressions 6E-world 2016 Impressions 7E-world 2016 Impressions 8

More than electrifying: Theben at the E-world 2016

As in previous years, the Smart Meter Gateway CONEXA from Theben generated a lot of interest at the E-world 2016. A great number of visitors from different industries came to the Theben trade fair stand to learn about the SMGW CONEXA 3.0, which is currently under BSI certification, about sustainable solutions in the area of direct power supply to tenants with CONEXA 1.0/2.0 as well as about options for switching in compliance with the German Renewable Energy Act.


“Our diary already indicated before the trade fair that there was great interest in our products and solutions. But the three days exceeded our expectations,” Ruwen Konzelmann, Key Account Manager at Theben, explains happily. “We had three intensive days of making new contacts and maintaining and expanding existing contacts.” The discussions focused on the interoperability of the CONEXA: the Theben gateway is fully standardised and interoperable to directly connected devices and downstream systems, offering energy suppliers a high level of freedom in selecting the connected gateway administration systems and modern measuring devices in the sectors electricity, gas and heat. Particularly with regard to the ongoing field phase and the planned roll-out 2017 this is a topic that should not be underestimated.


About the E-world 2016 in Essen
The E-world is Europe’s number 1 information platform for the energy industry. It covers all topics from the energy transition and green technologies to smart energy and energy storage. But is also sets trends for politics and the energy industry: politics, industry and academia carried out an intensive dialogue at the E-world. For the energy industry can only meet the challenges and shape the energy transition together.

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